Raclette Maxi

Raclette Maxi

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The Raclette Maxi is one of the showcase pieces of the Fromage & French range. The Raclette Maxi comes with a set of 4 porcelain enamel pans, 4 spatulas and detachable grill plates. The name 'Raclette' derives from the French word racler, which means ' scrape '. The cheese is heated on one side, and when melted is scraped off and typically served with potatoes, pickles and onions. The set is dishwasher resistant.

Original Raclette Recipe
Raclette cheese (200g)
2 cooked potatoes
4 mushroom slices
4 onion rings
2 avocado slices
4 olives
3 cherry tomatoes
fresh or dried herbs
3 ham/rosette/saucisson slices

Slice and cut all the ingredients into attractive bite size pieces and arrange in bowls or serving platters and place on dinner table when you are ready to start. Place pot of potatoes on stone side of grill to keep warm. Take a slice of cheese and lay it on a pan, top with some capsicum, mushroom, onion. Allow to grill and then pour over potato or crusty bread. Add freshly ground pepper. Then try other combinations.