Wine & cheese experience - A new concept for Tunbridge Wells

Strawberries and cream, Simon and Garfunkel, horse and carriage, gin and tonic… some things in life are just destined to go together. Cheese and wine are one such pairing, but we’re not talking Dairylea triangles and a glass a Matteus Rosé… this new proposition is cheese and wine for the Tunbridge Wells gourmand!

So What's New?

Our discerning customer knows that you simply cannot beat a lovely glass of red Crozes-Hermitage especially when it’s accompanied by the creamiest, nuttiest St Nectaire. Fromage & French is now offering you the opportunity to sample up to sixteen wines from our innovative (and we think, beautiful!) dispensing machines, with or without a delicious plate of cheese. You can look at every map and read every reference book but nothing will tell you that you like a wine until you try it. Not only is this a unique way of sampling wines by the glass at the perfect temperature, it is also a first for Tunbridge Wells. 

How does it work? First, you'll need to get a top-up card from us. Then you can add whatever amount of credit you feel comfortable with, e.g. £20. Place the card in the machine slot, and press for a sample, a glass or a slightly bigger glass... Hopefully, you'll want to keep the card for your next visit, or you can use any leftover credit towards a purchase. It's that simple.

Try & Buy

You can spend a fun evening with friends sampling most of the wines in the machine, but you can also now take your favourite wine along to friends' houses, dinner parties or celebrations safe in the knowledge that the bottle passed your taste test first.


We’re planning lots of events centred around cheese and wine, regular tastings as well as special fondue and raclette evenings. Look out for our up-to-date calendar on Facebook or on our website.