Why French bread is better for you.

We had to eat our way through a whole lot of bread before we settled on the selection we stock in the shop. There are some great artisan bakers here in Tunbridge Wells, who make really good bread, but we needed something authentically French, created by people who are trained in French baking techniques and use French ingredients. We chose sourdough pains de campagne and light ryes for a reason. They're better for you and easier to digest. Quite apart from the fact that the crust and the slightly denser consistency are perfect partners for cheese, or toast and jam, or pâté...pretty much anything, frankly!

Making sourdough bread is all about the long slow fermentation, which gives the loaf a better taste and texture than the more commercially produced bread. The sourdough bacteria pre-digests the flour, which then releases micronutrients like calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc, enriching the bread. As the bread proves, the wild yeast in the leaven neutralises the effects of phytic acid found in wheat flour, which is the ingredient most people find harder to digest and causes the bloating feeling some breads can trigger. Adding rye flour cuts down on the wheat as well, and studies have also shown that rye flour added to sourdough can help regulate blood sugar levels which helps ward off diabetes. Good news all round then! Good thing the French know a thing or two about food, it means we can all have a little more of what we fancy...