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Using-pine-sol-on-wood-floors, so, your house has beautiful wood flooring and you want to keep it looking pristine. hardwood is a beautiful feature of a home, but it also requires diligent maintenance to preserve that smoothness and want to be sure you’re using a product that’s both safe and effective for your hardwood floors.. Is pine-sol safe for wood floors?. wood floors can be delightfully deceptive: despite their lustrous, well-cared-for look, they usually can be kept looking their best with simple, regular dry ..., it's the time of year again to pull out your arsenal of cleaners and tackle your spring cleaning. if wiping down wood floors is on your to-do list, you may have one less product to grab..

Laminate floors are made to give the appearance of shiny hardwood. but, scuffing, wear and buildup of dirt, grease or grime can reduce shine and make floors appear dull., learn how to clean wood furniture and how to disinfect wood furniture with pine-sol multi-surface disinfectant.. How often you clean your hardwood floors depends on how many people and pets you have in your home and how much foot traffic you get. to keep hardwood floors looking their best, it’s usually best to sweep, vacuum or mop up dry debris at least once a week., what your mama taught you “we use pine-sol diluted with water to mop all the floors in our home; wood and tile. you can't beat the deep-clean feeling under bare feet or the fresh scent.”.

Ok, i just moved, like 11 days ago...and the floors are mostly hardwood!! i have never dealt with hardwood floors...the kitchen and bathroom are regular linoleum (sp??) but the living room, hall way, and two of the bedrooms are question?? how do i clean them??!!! can i use pine sol???